• Ontario nursing homes feed seniors on $8.33 a day

    The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care sets the per-day food amount, which currently sits at $8.33. It did move up from $7.80 in 2014 but there is still no guarantee of an increase. The ministry has marginally improved food funding over the past few years (without an annual commitment to do so), but the ongoing struggle to give residents healthy and culturally appealing meals is well documented.

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    ‘A country that cannot feed its own people has no right to preach to others’

    Poverty is less a result of the inheritance of class than the inheritance of poverty… / The country may have never been wealthier, but that wealth is going to a few at the top, who pay about 50% of the taxes that they used to 30 years ago. How are poor families feeding their children? With foodbanks and by going into debt… / … by election time 2015, the number of children living at or below the poverty line in Canada will be one million… Where is the Harper government’s Policy on Poverty?

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    Canadian values include feeding the poor

    … perhaps it’s not government’s job to serve kids breakfast, but it is its responsibility to ensure that our progressive tax system is fair, that people who work full time earn a living wage, that all Canadians have an equal opportunity to succeed, that other levels governments have sufficient funding to provide social assistance and that charitable organizations and the businesses and individuals who support them have the wherewithal to help families in need.

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    Is it my job to feed my neighbour’s child? Yes, it is

    … it’s not just the industry minister’s comment that is insensitive. It is the whole Conservative “blame the victims” ethos… in the country that he is responsible for helping to run… more than 833,000 people went to a food bank this year because the economy he is supervising has been shedding wellpaying jobs and replacing them with part-time, minimum-wage jobs.

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    Why breastfeeding breaks pay off

    In Canada, there is no guaranteed right for working mothers to take short breaks from work to breastfeed or express milk… Canada is an outlier — paid breastfeeding breaks are guaranteed in 130 countries and unpaid breaks in an additional seven. Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, even the U.S. makes this guarantee… Breastfeeding is an important health-promoting step both for women’s health and that of their infants

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    Feeding the illness industry machine thanks to DSM5

    18 August 2012
    The medicalization of everyday life is progressing with astonishing speed… Habitually, the DSM volumes lead to over-diagnosing and over-prescribing. Grief, for instance, receives special DSM attention. Humanity traditionally regards sorrow as a part of life but in the DSM it indicates depression… It’s been credibly estimated that in the U.S. about 80% of drugs for mood disorders are prescribed by non-psychiatrists, usually GPs.

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    … the Occupiers’ new slogan: Feed the poor! Tax the veterinarians!

    Jun 6, 2012
    the study also looked closely into who qualifies for the Canadian 1%. They are overwhelmingly male, generally over the age of 35 and spread across multiple economic sectors. While the average wage of someone in the 1%, as said above, is $450,000, the minimum wage required to enter it is a surprisingly low $230,000 a year. That’s a lot of money, but not huge money. And those making it aren’t the stock brokers and financial executives you’d expect. Indeed, for every banker on the list, you’ll find a dentist or veterinarian.

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    Feeding jails while police starve

    Jun 20 2011
    Stephen Harper’s plan to pump billions of dollars into new penitentiaries — while starving Canada’s national police force of the money it needs to do its job — is ludicrous. It’s as if the Prime Minister actually wants to promote crime as a way of filling his new jails. The auditor general’s most recent report confirmed that the RCMP has been giving up many of its investigations into drug gangs, mobsters and organized crime because it doesn’t have the resources to pursue them.

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    Tax-exempt fortunes feed inequality

    Oct 05 2010
    With income and wealth increasingly concentrated at the top, Canada is now a highly unequal society, compared with our own history and international standards… Strikingly, if Canada were to once again tax large inheritances — the way just about every other advanced nation still does — we could raise enough revenue to put $16,000 into an educational trust fund for every Canadian child on his or her 16th birthday. Under this simple plan, developed by Osgoode Hall tax professor Neil Brooks, Canadians could inherit up to $1.5 million tax-free. Above that, a gradually rising tax would apply.

  • ‘Paycheque to paycheque,’ five kids to feed

    TheStar.com – Ontario – ‘Paycheque to paycheque,’ five kids to feed: 500,000 in Ontario facing poverty without budget help, report finds
    March 12, 2009.  Laurie Monsebraaten, Social Justice Reporter

    Toronto construction worker Mark Merner has been struggling to support his young family since his hours were slashed in half last fall. And he’s worried it could get worse.