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Forget motives. The Trudeau government is getting it right on gun control

Thursday, June 2nd, 2022

… it plans to introduce a national handgun “freeze” — not a ban — that will bar future sales, purchases, transfers and importation of handguns by anyone across the country… It would cap the number of handguns held legally by Canadians and prevent them from being sold or otherwise moved around. Over time it would reduce the number of legal guns that find their way into the illegal market and end up being used in crimes…

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A closer look at the federal budget’s housing plan

Friday, April 29th, 2022

To improve its approach to housing, we suggest that the federal government: 1. Reaffirm its recognition of the right to adequate housing as a fundamental human right and use this principle to guide policy-making. 2. Establish a cohesive housing policy narrative… 3. Examine demand-side solutions… 4. Consider other factors that can affect the implementation of more housing supply.

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The freedom of some not be vaxxed undermines the freedom of everyone else

Tuesday, April 26th, 2022

… “freedom” cuts many ways. And in particular, it shows that the freedom exercised by some not to shoulder the collective responsibility of vaccination puts in danger the freedom of many others to live healthy lives. In some cases, tragically, to live at all.

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Are there ever really ‘financial reasons’ to fire faculty? Laurentian University, academic freedom, and the disciplining of the professoriate

Wednesday, April 20th, 2022

Academic April 2022.   By Honor Brabazon, St. Jerome’s University The 2020–21 academic year saw two incidents of Ontario professors being effectively fired: the termination of 116 of the 345 professors at Laurentian University in an unprecedented use of the Companies Creditors’ Arrangement Act (CCAA) at a public institution and the donor interference that […]

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It’s the 40th anniversary of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but recent protests show a serious misunderstanding of what those mean

Friday, April 15th, 2022

On the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Charter, it is important to reflect on the rights Canadians share and, more importantly, understand that these rights entail responsibilities to each other.  Perhaps if misunderstandings about rights and freedoms were clarified, there would be a greater sense of unity.

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Convoy protesters talked a lot about freedom. But here’s the real threat to Canadians being free

Tuesday, April 12th, 2022

On the left we need to hear people’s concerns on freedom of speech and individual autonomy. And on the right, there must be openness to talk about how true freedom is contingent on everyone having the basics needed to make a real go at life.  We can wave our flags and fight for our causes but let’s also step up to the moment and have real dialogue about what freedom truly means.

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Close to home: The Canadian far right, COVID-19 and social media

Monday, April 4th, 2022

The far-right benefited from social media’s tendency to privilege reductionist and simplified narratives… algorithmic dynamics helped the far-right in propagating the binary populist framework — “we, the people” versus “the corrupt and evil elites,” “bad politicians and leaders” who implemented COVID-19 measures versus “good politicians and leaders” who don’t — to foster and incite rage among discontent Canadians. 

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Laurentian, province broke act while cutting French programs, report finds 

Friday, April 1st, 2022

The report determined Laurentian and the Ministry of Colleges and Universities were focused on Laurentian’s financial difficulties, while the Ministry of Francophone Affairs failed to take an active role. This led to a situation where no one was ensuring the protection of language rights under the French Language Services Act… Laurentian said it welcomed the report and would work with the two ministries to implement the recommendations.

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French language programs at Laurentian should be restored following report exposing failures by university and Ford government

Friday, April 1st, 2022

… OCUFA is calling for the 28 French language programs cut by the university to be restored. Further, in recognition of its responsibilities to protect minority French speaking communities across the country, the Federal government should immediately pass legislation to ensure the CCAA and its counterpart, the Bankruptcy Insolvency Act, cannot be invoked by other public institutions who might use it to cut similar programs and services for French speaking populations.

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Senators overwhelmed by emails, calls pushing conspiracy theories about basic income legislation

Thursday, March 31st, 2022

… there’s nothing new about conspiracy theories but the pandemic has “pushed them into hyperdrive,” fuelling a movement of people willing to believe there’s a global movement to “enslave” humanity… people in these online forums are largely unaware of how the government operates — or how a bill is passed through Parliament — and those knowledge gaps “are easily filled with fantasy.” “It’s easy to see a sinister plot when you don’t actually understand how the government works.

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