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Reforming long-term care starts with Revera

Monday, October 11th, 2021

… the federal government owns 100 per cent of Revera, the second largest long-term-care and retirement home group in Canada… Revera as a for-profit chain has one of the worst records in Canada, with so far over 800 deaths in its LTC and retirement homes… The newly elected federal government should move on turning Revera over to the provinces as a not-for-profit public company in LTC… If the federal government wants to make Revera a real public not-for-profit, this is easily doable and the process could start tomorrow.

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Faculty associations ask federal candidates to protect public institutions from private-sector restructuring

Thursday, September 16th, 2021

This federal election is an opportunity to commit to our cherished public institutions that have been created for the common good, including universities, and to ensure that they are protected from proceedings designed for private sector corporations under the BIA and CCAA acts. It is the responsibility of federal and provincial governments to ensure the health and sustainability of public institutions through appropriate instruments and regulations for the public sector.

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Laurentian University’s collapse shows federal government must protect public institutions from private-sector restructuring

Monday, September 13th, 2021

… the interests of big banks, whose profits have soared during the pandemic, have been put squarely ahead of the university’s students, faculty and staff. Royal Bank, TD Canada Trust and the Bank of Montreal are extracting upwards of $100 million in debt repayments from Laurentian, leaving only scraps for the workers terminated without severance. The CCAA forces the most vulnerable to wait at the back of the line.  This is a warning to anyone who values Canada’s public institutions.

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Supreme Court sides with York University in copyright tariff dispute

Thursday, September 9th, 2021

If the Supreme Court had delivered a different judgment, it “would have been an absolute disaster” and would have forced universities to limit their use of fair dealing or risk retaliation from Access Copyright… that really scared a lot of people.” … The opportunity for postsecondary institutions to expand their use of fair dealing is the big takeaway from the legal dispute

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With big bonuses, Air Canada gives us all a $10-million slap in the face

Friday, June 4th, 2021

The airline disclosed… that it gave the bonuses last December to executives and managers “for exceptional performance” over the past year as air travel plunged during the pandemic… What surely leaves Canadians flabbergasted and furious is that this is not one firm making one bad decision… Freeland should… find a way to withhold public funding for Air Canada until the airline rescinds bonuses that stand as a $10-million insult to the country.

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Governments paid billions to help develop COVID-19 vaccines — so why is Big Pharma charging us billions more for the vaccines we helped create?

Thursday, June 3rd, 2021

If we think of war profiteers as being lower than a snake’s belly, what are we to make of the drug industry’s pandemic profiteers? … Canada, like other government funders in this global crisis, is not expecting to recover its costs in funding COVID-related medicine…  governments that fund research that is used in lucrative commercial drug production must demand a return on their investment. 

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Beware Economists Bearing Policy Paradigms

Tuesday, May 25th, 2021

The ideas dominant since the 1980s – variously called the Washington Consensus, market fundamentalism, or neoliberalism – originally gained traction because of the perceived failures of Keynesianism and excessive government regulation. But they took on a life of their own and produced highly financialized, unequal, and unstable economies that were unequipped to cope with today’s most significant challenges: climate change, social inclusion, and disruptive new technologies.

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All in this together? Greedy CEOs and corporations abuse our trust

Tuesday, May 11th, 2021

… many top Canadian CEOs saw their compensation soar in pandemic year 2020… Companies that got CEWS money when they didn’t really need it may well have followed the rules as they were written. But the government shouldn’t simply ignore abuse. It should call out companies, especially big ones, that violated the spirit of the program. It should see if any of those millions that went to companies that didn’t need them can be recovered. And it should tighten the rules for the remainder of the life of the program.

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Free speech is not at risk by supporting changes to the Broadcasting Act

Tuesday, May 11th, 2021

… the outcry over Bill C-10 is being sustained by people whose ultimate goal is to kill the entire idea of Canadian cultural policy in the internet age. Yet, these self-styled martyrs for democracy are pushing fringe views that run counter to the values and preferences of the overwhelming majority of Canadians, who support sensible updates to Canada’s main media law… Conservative voters are among the most likely to believe that Facebook weakens Canadian democracy…

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Throwing money at Big Pharma won’t guarantee vaccine supply

Thursday, April 8th, 2021

Now we’re poised to give Sanofi hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars in the hope of ensuring a future vaccine supply… If we really want a biotech company we can rely on and that doesn’t hold a gun to our head, we should spend our money creating an enterprise that we actually own and control – a little secret learned by Cuba and, decades earlier, by the brilliant Canadians who created Connaught.

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