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Fear and division really are bad for our health

Monday, January 20th, 2020

If you take fear and division and add a dose of cynicism about experts and government you produce an excellent culture medium for anxiety. Anxiety is bad for our health. A smoker loses on average 8.5 years of life. Anxiety can decrease your life expectancy by 7… When things seem more predictable, we feel more in control and we are less anxious.

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The Ford government should invest in Ontario’s outmoded courts

Saturday, January 4th, 2020

… the failure to modernize court proceedings actually costs taxpayers money by preventing the government from “realizing potential cost savings.” … A fair court system is a pillar of democracy. But right now, Ontario’s auditor general cannot make head nor tails of how it operates. How, then, can Downey expect Ontarians to trust it — or him?

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How can prisoners be rehabilitated without proper access to education?

Wednesday, January 1st, 2020

CSC policy makes clear that prison staff are expected to facilitate access to postsecondary schooling. But that policy conflicts with another: the total ban on inmate access to the internet… As the federal Office of the Correctional Investigator put it in a 2016 report: “It’s hard to understand how an environment deprived of computers and Internet, and thereby deprived of information, can be rehabilitative.”

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Rape crisis centres call on attorney general to reverse cuts

Wednesday, November 20th, 2019

… the province phased out the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, which helped assault victims access services including psychotherapy… Under this program, brought in Oct. 1, an applicant must have visited a “victim service agency” within six months of the crime against them, or within six months of disclosing that crime to authorities.  The new system, called the Victim Quick Response Program + (VQRP+), isn’t available to victims of historical crimes.

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It’s time for a national ban on owning handguns

Sunday, November 17th, 2019

Since the Harper government made it easier in 2012 to amass large stockpiles of guns, the number of privately owned handguns has skyrocketed to close to a million. And police say many of those guns find their way into criminal hands… The notion that municipalities can pass and enforce an effective handgun ban is ridiculous… “This is a national issue.”

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Let’s fix broken system for suspending criminal records

Thursday, November 14th, 2019

After a certain period of crime-free years, individuals with a prior conviction, regardless of what that conviction was, are no more likely to be convicted of another offence than the rest of the population. Continuing to allow criminal records to bar their access to employment, education, housing and other community involvement extends their punishment beyond the end of their sentence.

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Oh Canada, our home and native tax haven

Friday, November 1st, 2019

… a national public beneficial ownership registry… would eliminate the use of shell companies as a means of engaging in financial crime and allow Canada to realize advantages like potential increased tax revenues and an easing of the endemic money laundering of recent years… We should… restrict illicit financial flows, fight corruption and lay the foundations of a fairer economy and a more decent society at home and abroad.

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Why healthy neighbourhoods are the antidote to gun crime

Wednesday, October 30th, 2019

… the way to address those “roots” of violence is to invest directly in communities where those determinants — poverty, marginalization, a lack of economic opportunities and others — have contributed to making the problem of gun violence so persistent… Researchers today say that commitment to communities is still lacking.

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How I was recruited into sex trafficking

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019

In reality, 93 per cent of victims of human trafficking in Canada are Canadian themselves, most often lured, groomed and eventually trafficked by someone they know… My trafficker didn’t have to restrain me with physical chains; his skilful manipulation was enough to hold me captive. He isolated me to the point that I had no one else to turn to… We can no longer ignore that this is happening right under our noses.

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A last-minute guide to what the federal parties are pitching

Monday, October 21st, 2019

Over the course of the election, federal parties have been making their pitch to Canadians on their plans for the environment, health care, affordability, the economy and plenty more…here’s what the parties are pitching:

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