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Canada’s bail system is broken and unjust. The Supreme Court shows how to fix it

Friday, June 26th, 2020

The Court says the default position should be to automatically grant bail with no conditions, other than that the person attend their next court date. Other conditions should only be imposed to the degree they address three questions: “Is this person a flight risk; will their release pose a risk to public protection and safety; or is their release likely to result in a public loss of confidence in the administration of justice?”

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Clean clothes, decent food: Ontario’s inmates deserve this much

Monday, June 22nd, 2020

… decent water to drink; food that’s not expired or mouldy; clean clothing delivered on time and not covered in feces, urine and blood stains; books from outside; adequate time for phone calls so inmates aren’t left to fight among themselves for the chance to talk to family, friends and lawyers; some video visits; access to rehabilitation programs and exercise. Those are pretty basic standards that any jail in Ontario should be able, and expected, to deliver.

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When I was in cabinet I pushed for bold criminal justice reform. Nothing happened. Now Ottawa has another chance to do the right thing

Saturday, June 20th, 2020

It is up to the Prime Minister and his government to… show whether they are up to the task of real change or will they just take a knee. Make your voices even louder. Say that you expect our government to reflect the will, vision, and courage that thousands have shown across this country… We can make the changes that generations of Canadians have fought and sacrificed to see happen.

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Canada has a long, documented history of racism and racial discrimination. Don’t look away

Sunday, June 14th, 2020

“Canadians have inherited a contested past. Like their forebears, they face conflict, struggle and loss alongside success, accomplishment and hope. They steward an acclaimed but imperfect democracy, a beautiful but threatened environment, a revered but relative civility. Their vision and generosity, wisdom and compromise will be their own legacy – for Canada, and the world.”

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Let’s save some outrage for treatment of Indigenous people

Saturday, June 13th, 2020

… Indigenous children under 15 make up 4 per cent of the provincial population but 30 per cent of children in foster care. There’s a straight line from those figures to family poverty, inadequate housing, untreated addictions and a woefully underfunded child welfare system… why is the response so muted when it comes to the racism faced by Indigenous peoples?

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Moving from Evidence to Action: Tackling the Sector’s Thorniest Issues By Rethinking our Relationships with Data

Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

Here, we offer four ideas for how to relate to evidence in healthy ways that lead to action. 1. Make learning and action the focus… 2. Work together… 3. Ask bold questions… 4. Build your organizational learning muscles… data alone is not transformative. You can have the best data in the world, but if you don’t have people committed to using it, it will sit on a shelf.

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To fight crime, Canada has to fight poverty, inequality and despair

Tuesday, February 11th, 2020

Liberal politicians want to talk about locking up guns and Conservatives want to talk about locking up people… both approaches are reasonable. But they are narrow in focus. They’re designed to appeal to each party’s base, and as such do not come close to addressing the complex issues behind gun and gang violence… How hard is it for politicians to understand that the most effective policies for reducing youth violence are ones that cut poverty

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Ottawa must tackle the tragic overrepresentation of Indigenous people in prisons

Wednesday, January 29th, 2020

Every conceivable measure we have to judge how a population is doing shows Canada is failing Indigenous peoples: child welfare, poverty, addictions and mental health, housing and clean water, education and employment, and incarceration… Indigenous inmates are disproportionately placed in maximum security and have been held longer in solitary confinement. They serve a higher proportion of their sentence behind bars before being granted parole, and are poorly prepared for their release back into the community.

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Why does the Indigenous rate of incarceration only grow?

Friday, January 24th, 2020

Conservative policies stripped sentencing judges and parole boards of discretion, adding mandatory minimums and other limits on their ability to consider specific facts and risks of individual cases. While the Liberals opposed many of these reforms during campaign season, they have done little to address the harmful legacy… we have not learned enough from community-based and Indigenous legal traditions that offer more promising methods of responding to wrongdoing.

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A shocking report details how Ontario’s most vulnerable youths are shuttled from child protection to the justice system

Sunday, January 19th, 2020

The researchers developed protocols and best practices for key players in the child protection and justice system, all designed to break the child-welfare-to-prison pipeline… [including] more reasonable bail conditions, trauma-informed training for group home caregivers, “anti-oppressive” practices, the use of restorative justice, and encouraging police to simply caution youths in care when called for an incident or send them to “diversion” programs… rather than lay charges

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