Canada’s senior-care crisis has been long in the works

Posted on April 16, 2020 in Child & Family Policy Context

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April 16, 2020.   Konrad Yakabuski


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One Response to “Canada’s senior-care crisis has been long in the works”

  1. Financially Abusedbyon says:

    Please do a story next on the OCDSB and the Government of ON’s criminal financial activities used to disenfranchise and financially target career employees who apply for WSiB and/or LTD benefits denying Teachers pay, benefits, healthcare and stealing their pensions. This is essentially our government cannibalizing its senior career employees to save money and its inhuman. Democracy is dead in Ontario.

    Our legislative processes are fully corrupted having now become an essential for targeting citizens through legislative amendments, enactments, repeals and reenacts which attempt evade accountability by attempting to retroactively legitimize, cover or hide their previous criminal acts. Our democracy has been corrupted at its very root and nobody cares.

    How else could I go from earning $100k a year to living impoverished on OW and eating at a food bank without critical medical care in the span of a single but still be considered a ‘full time’ employee? Corruption is alive and well in Ontario. In Ottawa, you can pull on that piece of dirty corruption yarn and follow it all the way to the Gov of ON, The City of Ottawa, The Ottawa Carleton District School Board.

    The answer is simple: Criminal Corporate Corruption, Conspiracy and Collaboration. This is your big chance to write a true story that will inevitable be brutally suppressed and possibly make you a targeted person like us. I know personally at least 5 other Teachers these crimes were and are being perpetrated against. With the ON gov publicly stating it needs to have 10000 less secondary Teacher’s you can be sure that the fact that the OCDSB had 750 Teachers with no sick days in Jan 2017 is no mistake. Its is an intentional, harmful and targeted campaign.

    There is no single thing that makes me feel more ashamed in my life than the fact that I have worked with and am still associated with these discriminatory, criminally corrupt ‘professionals’. I bmped into the person who hired me for my first permanent position as I went into an investigation meeting started while I was (and still am) on total disability. My LTD Benefits fraudulently denied, documentation and employment records tampered with, forged or
    destroyed by Board staff and agents of the government of ON. I have even experienced ‘fake’ managers who are actually Treasury Board oaid employees of the Minister of Education pretending to be Board’s Disability Management WSIB Coordinatir and WSIB Manager who have block and delayed and falsified medical documente that have now left me damaged for life. Help.


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