Ontario adds $1.3B in post-secondary funding, freezes tuition for three more years

Tuesday, February 27th, 2024

Ontario ranks 10th out of 10 in every comparison of interprovincial post-secondary financing, according to a report last year by Higher Education Strategy Associates. International students now give more money to Ontario’s institutions than the government does… Raising Ontario’s level of per-student funding to the average of the other nine provinces would require $7.1 billion per year in additional spending — much higher than the current level of operating funding at around $5 billion

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Ontario plans to require salary ranges be included in job postings

Tuesday, November 7th, 2023

“Including salary ranges with job postings can help close the gender pay gap, while allowing companies to find qualified candidates faster and improve retention, helping tackle the labour shortage.” … new legislation… also proposes to require employers to inform job seekers when they are using AI to inform hiring decisions… the province is considering banning the use of non-disclosure agreements in cases of workplace sexual harassment, misconduct or violence.

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Ontario plans to expand midwives’ prescribing power

Tuesday, October 31st, 2023

Ontario is planning to expand the list of drugs that midwives can prescribe and administer, including allowing them to prescribe birth control… A spokesperson for Health Minister Sylvia Jones said the ministry is reviewing further scope-of-practice changes and is rolling them out based on advice from health-care partners.

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Ontario extending $10/day child-care opt-in deadline to get more operators to apply

Thursday, August 18th, 2022

Just a few weeks ahead of September, uptake varies widely across municipalities, with some — particularly smaller areas — seeing all or nearly all operators apply, while other regions are seeing less than half of operators applying so far… In Toronto, the largest region, 587 out of a total of 1,042 licensed child-care centres have applied to opt in — and 32 have opted out — though the percentage of for-profit operators that have applied is much lower than the non-profits.

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Ontario to pay $1 million to private contractor to cut costs in developmental disabilities services sector

Sunday, November 10th, 2019

The government’s budget showed a $1-billion cut in the children and social services sector over three years, and set a target of a $510 million annual cut in 2021-22 from “operational efficiencies and cost savings.”… Efficiencies would include “evidence-based sector transformation, including in developmental services, child welfare, as well as special needs and early intervention programs…to continue investments in core services such as in the Ontario Autism Program.”

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Justice Court integrating domestic violence, family court cases opens in Toronto

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Jun. 10, 2011
In a first for the Canadian justice system, a new initiative in Ontario aimed at minimizing the hardships for families in crisis is merging some family court and domestic violence cases. The Integrated Domestic Violence Court will serve people who are dealing with family court issues as well as criminal charges related to domestic abuse… [in the] hope it will resolve such difficult issues faster, with less conflict and more affordably with a one-case, one-judge approach.

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