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Rich getting richer while middle class stagnates: StatsCan

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Dec. 1, 2010
The inequality gap of the ‘20s and early ‘30s eventually collapsed and then switched direction with the Second World War, narrowing and steadily declining until about 1982. Since then, the super-rich have gradually claimed larger and larger pieces of the total income pie… The higher up the income scale, the more dramatic the gains. For the richest one per cent, the share of all Canadian incomes almost doubled between the late 1970s and 2007. For the richest 0.1 per cent of tax files, their total share almost tripled…

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Young men the face of poverty in post-recession Canada: study

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

…the recession has revealed two key trends. The good news… is that federal and provincial programs for families have helped single mothers deal with poverty. They have better access to child support than in the past, as well as new child benefits… As a result, the number of single mothers relying on welfare has actually fallen… The opposite is true for young, single men. In Ontario, the number in this group on welfare has risen 61 per cent in nine years, to 148,000 from 92,000… “Single, young men are the new face of poverty in Canadian cities”

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