Economic dreams and reality

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Mar 08 2011
The budget of my dream explains that education cannot again be collateral damage in a war on the deficit. So the 3 per cent annual growth in the Canada Social Transfer will be maintained after 2013-14. It would put a clear emphasis on giving access to post-secondary education to students who do not typically attend. The budget acknowledges the deplorable state of education on First Nations reserves and commits to thorough reforms backed by necessary funding.

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Health care’s great divide

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Feb 02 2011
A relatively small group of engaged Canadians has become convinced that dramatic reforms are required to our health-care system to rein in surging cost increases while at least preserving — and hopefully improving — quality. This group bemoans the absence of public debate but nonetheless assumes that government will lead the reform charge. That won’t happen. Most Canadians are not concerned about pending financial threats to health care… As gatekeepers of the system, doctors… and nurses will have to sort out respective duties. Drug companies should propose cost savings…

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Health care needs a checkup

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

May 27 2010
The current health-care system is focused on patching up people once a problem has occurred, with few incentives to do so efficiently and with cost minimization. These very underpinnings of the system need to be changed to focus on preventing health problems and, once they occur, treating them in a cost-effective manner. The one constant must be an emphasis on quality of care. A broad approach needs to be taken to prevent health problems. Measures to improve education and alleviate poverty may indeed be the most effective.

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‘New workplace order’ looms as boomers head to retirement

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Mar 09 2010
Consider the changes in labour supply, and the need for Canadian firms to do a better job at utilizing the skills of Canada’s under-represented workers. This will require a more inclusive work environment that addresses the unique issues faced by these groups. Language training for immigrants and extensive on-the-job training for people drawn from non-traditional labour pools will be crucial.

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