Canada Social Report: A Compendium of Social Information

Posted on September 29, 2016 in Social Security Delivery System, Social Security Policy Context – Canada Social Report: A Compendium of Social Information
Sept. 29, 2016.

Over the past few years, the loss of data in Canada − especially the troubling dismantling of the long-form Census − inspired the Caledon Institute to launch this effort. The Canada Social Report acts as a major hub for social information. It is a resource for the entire social sector – to give all of us a strong voice and a powerful evidence base for informed policy conversations and the formulation of intelligent policy solutions.

What’s New

Fed and Prov/Terr Policy Monitors:  < >

Welfare in Canada:  < >

Social Assistance Summaries: < >

Poverty Reduction Strategies:  < >

Poverty and Inequality:  < >

Social Policy Record:  < >

Minimum Wages: < >

Disability Data:  < >

Indigenous Peoples:  < >

Quality of Life Indicators:  < >

Canadian Tax and Credit Simulator:  < >

Labour Force and Employment:  < >

Youth:  < >

In the News:

Link to Federal and Provincial/Territorial Statistical Agencies:

September 29, 2016
According to preliminary Statistics Canada estimates, Canada’s population was 36,286,425 on July 1, 2016, an increase of 437,815 or 1.2 percent during the year 2015-16. In absolute numbers, such an increase had not been recorded since 1988-89 (+485,034). This acceleration in population growth was mainly attributable to the record number of immigrants (320,932) who arrived in the country. Link

< >

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