One solution to the current autism funding crisis

Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

… parent-mediated models have been running since 2016, with regular reporting to the ministry. In many cases, parents and toddlers are making significant gains. While these particular models may not be the solution for all children and families, the resource efficiency of parent-mediated models makes this an appealing approach worthy of further investment and exploration.

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Welcome to Tim Hudak’s Tea Party

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Sep 12 2011
… the changes made to our immigration policy several years back require an unprecedented level of education to qualify for immigration to Canada and citizenship. Hudak claims discrimination while invoking alarming discriminatory images… But equity doesn’t mean sameness. Having all qualified hands on deck for a productive economy requires special initiatives for special and different populations in our midst… Playing American-style wedge politics is not helpful, it is hurtful. Our leaders need to be driven by moral purpose and decency designed to bring out the best in us.

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Reining in the unaccountable chief

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

Dec 19 2010
… it seems like too many military and paramilitary types just don’t do well taking orders, let alone guidance, from anyone not wearing a uniform… So what’s up with the Toronto Police Services Board? It would be nice if it was arms-length effective in its oversight, but let’s review the “short-arm” impression of the recent post-G20 period. Three things stick out… For the sake of a safer city and in service of protecting the reputation of the remarkable performance of most of our police officers, it is time for a much more effective and tougher civilian oversight. Blair needs it…

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With My Hand On The Doorknob: In Search of Strategic Philanthropy

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

July 31, 2010
The goal was to move from reacting to proposals for “good works” to becoming a proactive organization, working with partners to advance evidence and ideas about how the future could be more just… Faced with many choices to make and limited resources to invest, our own choice at the [Atkinson] Foundation was between doing fewer things better and doing all things less well. We chose the former and decided to make clarity of purpose our mantra… that inspired us to seek out the creation of the Canadian Index of Well-being; and more recently, to contribute to opening up space for new gains on poverty reduction policies.

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