Medicare 2.0: Fixing Holes in our healthcare system that hurt Canadians

Sunday, October 11th, 2020

Each wave of the pandemic reignites concerns about the state of long-term care homes and renews existing calls to improve our healthcare system… This research paper urges the government to expand public health care and outlines why it is critical to do so now, during COVID-19, calling for establishing comprehensive mental health services, making long-term care part of medicare, and implementing universal pharmacare now.

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COVID-19 is not the great leveller, it’s the great revealer

Thursday, April 16th, 2020

It is nice for Premiers and Prime Ministers to thank truck drivers and grocery store clerks for their essential work, but it will be hypocrisy of the highest order for our governments to only hope to start up again where we left off. Inequality has been robbing many Canadians of security, prosperity, and dignity for decades. That is what COVID-19 reveals. No, we don’t just have an adjustment problem; we have—as we have long had—an inequality problem.

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