Jim Stanford on Uber and the future of precarious work: ‘It isn’t inevitable’

Monday, July 8th, 2019

… we should be continuing to invest in skills and the knowledge infrastructure… But we also need to be actively nurturing the jobs that people with those skills can most productively do… They only came to Canada because smart policy interventions brought them to Canada. We hustled for them, and we put in place rules. We said to a company like Boeing, for example, ‘you want to sell a bunch of extremely expensive aircraft to Air Canada? Well, you’re going to have to produce something in Canada.’

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New rules for executive pay

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Jul 22 2011
…Canadian Securities Administrators — the umbrella group including 13 provincial and territorial securities regulators —Friday unveiled new rules on executive compensation, beginning in October… Requiring the boards of publicly-traded companies to show they’ve considered the risks of how much they’re paying their executives, such as whether the CEO’s pay packet is so high that their personal interest isn’t aligned with the shareholders’. Also, companies must now disclose the fees they’re paying to outside compensation firms.

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