Disabling effect of Ontario Disability Benefits

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Aug 31 2011
It has been 20 years since anyone took a look at social assistance rates in this province, to which end a provincial commission has been on tour… The rates themselves are disabling… we don’t get enough money, period, end of sentence… [another] issue? “The quagmire of rules. You can’t keep track of them all… You don’t even know all the benefits you’re entitled to.”

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The shape of politics in Toronto now [exclusion]

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Feb 02 2011
What does a politician gain who spreads fear among the powerless, and who forces the poor to beg? What is the opposite of admiration? …Did the mayor and the chair of the TTC not know that there were elderly women riding the bus in off-peak hours, along with the poor, the deaf-blind, the disabled, and those who work shift? …the children who attend Park Lane didn’t actually know that they were threatened, because they are severely developmentally disabled… Why do they need the bus? … for life skills training…

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Poverty makes us sick; it ought to make us angry

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Jan 07 2011
Raphael did a health study in Lawrence Heights a while back. His findings show that the correlation is not between the couch and the potato. “People who are poor don’t have the resources to be healthy. Diabetes is three or four times more likely to occur among poor people.”… the poor have fewer ways to relieve their stress, and stress is a factor of the disease of diabetes, and I don’t know any poor people who are relaxed… “The health care system will treat you fine if you keel over, but we won’t provide you with the resources you need to avoid getting sick.”

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Hot resumés can’t thaw Canada’s cold shoulder [newcomers finding work]

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Published On Fri Feb 12 2010.

…the organizations set up to help them do not seem interconnected, and they seem to compete, rather than cooperate, with each other…
“In Sweden there is a law: each company with over 60 employees has to hire at least one person with a disability. So, here, why not a law: each company of 60 employees or more has to engage a newcomer.”

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