Thoughts on forestalling the coming childcare crisis

Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

… the childcare sector requires an immediate injection of capital and a rapid expansion of space(s) in this critical phase of re-opening the economy… the Multilateral Early Learning and Childcare Framework… should immediately be boosted to pay some or all of the costs of a temporary injection of much-needed capital… provinces should actively support childcare providers to make use of community spaces that can accommodate satellite locations for childcare

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[Income Taxes] A progressive foundation, but so much more to do

Friday, November 1st, 2019

The current tax system provides several incentives for household savings and wealth accumulation… TFSAs… RRSPs… for homeownership or mid-career education. The thing is, lower-income earners don’t really have access to these incentives. It’s an upside-down system that rewards people who already have money to save… Here are a few examples of the kinds of policy directions that could… make a meaningful difference in the financial well-being of lower-income Canadians.

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