It’s good the government has promised a Canada Disability Benefit. Here’s how to fix the flawed bill

Saturday, November 12th, 2022

The CDB shouldn’t be restricted to “working age” people. The bill should set a mandatory minimum CDB amount, indexed to inflation, and a mandatory start date for paying it… The bill must set specifics on things like eligibility, requirements that cabinet’s regulations can clarify but can’t contradict… It should require that none of the benefit will be clawed back by federal, provincial or territorial programs.

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It’s tougher than ever to enforce your human rights in Ontario

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

May 09 2012
Six years ago, to speed up a slow, backlogged system that needed reform, Bill 107 privatized human rights enforcement. It took the Human Rights Commission out of screening, investigating and prosecuting individual discrimination cases. It makes discrimination victims investigate and litigate their cases at the tribunal without the commission’s help. Does Bill 107 make lives better for victims of discrimination? Far from it… We hope this current Human Rights Code Review will recognize these amply-documented problems, and make strong recommendations to improve Ontario’s troubled human rights system.

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Disturbing silence from Hudak on accessibility

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Sep 28 2011
At risk in this election are our hard-won gains to make Ontario fully accessible to people with disabilities. This affects all voters. Everyone either has a disability or will likely get one later with age…. This shouldn’t be an unfair choice between more income for the poorest people with disabilities versus improving accessibility for all Ontarians with disabilities. Do both! A government can fix social assistance while also moving us forward on the path to accessibility.

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