Hot! Mental Health Strategy for Canada – Strategy: Out of the Shadows Forever
Nov. 23, 2010.   Senator Michael Kirby, Chair

The release of Toward Recovery and Well-Being: A Framework for a Mental Health Strategy for Canada in November 2009 marked the end of the first phase of the work of the Mental Health Commission of Canada to develop a mental health strategy for the country.

This framework sets out seven goals for WHAT a transformed mental health system – one that will enable everyone living in Canada to have the opportunity to achieve the best possible mental health and wellbeing – should look like.

The MHCC believes that we need a mental health strategy that is ambitious, yet practical and adaptable to differing realities of each jurisdiction and sector. This is why the MHCC is committed to continuing to work with stakeholders across the country at every step of the development process.

The second phase of mental health strategy development will involve developing a comprehensive strategic plan for HOW to achieve the framework vision and seven goals.

As the next step, a series of Roundtables on key topics will be held between March and September 2010. Approximately 25 people reflecting a cross-section of stakeholders will be invited to each Roundtable.

We would like to hear from as many people as possible who would like to take part in this process. Click here to find out more about indicating your interest in participating in one of the Roundtables.

For more detailed information on the 2nd phase of developing a Mental Health Strategy for Canada, click here

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