Highlights of the Ontario budget

Posted on March 29, 2018 in Debates

NationalPost.com – News – Here are the highlights of the budget Ontario finance minister Charles Sousa unveiled Wednesday
March 28, 2018.    TOM BLACKWELL

Here are the highlights of the budget Ontario finance minister Charles Sousa unveiled Wednesday:

–  Deficits of about $6.7 billion from 2018-19 to 2020-21, smaller shortfalls until 2024-25

–  Interest payment on debt to rise to $13.8 billion by 2020-21, $16.9 by 2025-26

–  1.8 million people would pay about $200 more personal income tax, raising $275 million more revenue

–  20,000 businesses will pay an average $2,400 each per year of employer health tax – about $45 million

–  Ontario’s share of cannabis excise duty will reach $115 million by 2020-21

–  Tobacco tax will rise $4 per carton increase by 2018-19 and again in 2020-21

–  $822 million extra to hospitals, funding more cardiac and cancer surgeries, chemotherapy, MRIs and other services

–  $575 million to make drugs completely free for seniors

–  $800 million over two years for drug and dental coverage for people without insurance (up to $400 for singles, $600 for couples, $50 for each child)

–  $2.1 billion over four years for mental health care

–  $2.2 billion over three years, providing some parents free child care

–  $1 billion over three years for a seniors home-care benefit of $750 a year

–  $650 million over three years for more home care

–  $100 million over three years for dementia strategy

–  $300 million over three years to hire registered nurses for ever nursing home

–  $1.8 billion over three years to expand services for developmentally disabled

–  $2.3 billion over three years on welfare, including 3% annual raises for three years

–  $935 million over three years on Good Jobs and Growth Plan, incl. better training in colleges, universities, more apprenticeships


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