Superior Court stops destruction of Quebec’s long-gun registry data

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Apr. 05, 2012
Superior Court Judge Jean-François de Grandpré sided with the Quebec government and ordered Ottawa to not only temporarily safeguard the data but to allow the province the right to access the information contained in the registry. The ruling also requires that all new non-restricted firearms such as rifles and shotguns continue to be registered in the province. The order issued on Thursday took effect immediately, just hours before the bill abolishing the gun registry was given royal assent. The interim ruling will be enforced for a week, until further motions for an injunction can be argued next week.

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Quebec takes lead in pension reform

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Mar. 17, 2011
Quebec is hoping to pave the way for the rest of Canada by introducing sweeping changes to how Quebeckers plan for retirement, including a new pension program for workers who don’t have private plans…. Under the voluntary plan, employees will be enrolled automatically but will be given the option to withdraw. Employers will be forced to offer the plan but will not be required to contribute. The money collected in each workplace will be pooled and managed by financial institutions.

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