Five former mayors of Toronto on why it is time for the city to decriminalize simple drug possession

Saturday, June 19th, 2021

As the death toll mounts, in Toronto and elsewhere in Canada, it is crystal clear that the criminalization of drug use has been a costly public policy mistake that must be remedied. Criminalization is costing human lives at a merciless pace. Racialized minorities and the poor are disproportionately arrested, convicted and incarcerated for possession. And taxpayers pay the costly policing, courts and corrections bills.

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Racial profiling still has no place here

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Published On Thu Feb 11 2010.

We all want to stop black kids (and other kids) from committing violent and anti-social acts. Discriminating against them will never achieve this goal. As Roy McMurtry and Alvin Curling point out so persuasively in their report “The Roots of Youth Violence,” we need to spend money on strengthening the lives of these children and of their families. These are not problems police can resolve.

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