Ontario’s for-profit child-care owners demonstrate why they can’t be trusted to build Canada’s $10-a-day child-care system

Thursday, July 7th, 2022

As families in Ontario wait for child care fee relief, some for-profit child care owners seem more interested in continuing the status quo of sky-high parent fees and rock bottom wages for early childhood educators. They take issue with the new Canada-wide child care system, complaining that it threatens their bottom lines. In doing so, they are proving exactly why they cannot be trusted to build Canada’s $10-a-day child care program. For them it’s profits over parents, every time.

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Has the pandemic really changed Doug Ford? A decent child-care deal would be a start in proving it

Saturday, October 9th, 2021

The federal government’s goals are all simple and positive for Ontario families and the child-care sector: Lower parent fees, at first by 50 per cent and then to an average of $10 per day. / Improve child-care workers’ wages. / Expand public and non-profit spaces… These objectives are all reasonable, at least to anyone not clouded by partisanship.

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Stephen Lecce’s letter to parents doubles down on the Ford government’s half-baked child care plan

Monday, June 15th, 2020

… if Premier Ford and Minister Lecce are scratching their heads and wondering why so many child care centres are refusing to open their doors until this hot mess is fixed, perhaps they should put their listening ears on. Instead of doubling down on the current child care reopening plan, it is time to think hard about how we could create a better child care system for Ontario.

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Province needs child-care plan

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Dec 14 2011
Education Minister Laurel Broten says she won’t declare a moratorium on new for-profit child care because some communities don’t have any non-profit providers. The minister can’t just throw up her hands and declare it’s up to the market. If Ontario had a real plan for child care, municipal centres wouldn’t be gutted. If Ontario had a real plan for child care there would be planning in place that ensured decent access for families across the province. If Ontario had a real child-care system, big box companies wouldn’t be able to take advantage.

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