Austerity and the Decline Of The Collective

Monday, June 10th, 2019

1. Austerity is toxic. 2. It is built on a lie, and on a withered idea of freedom and a hollowed out notion of citizenship. 3. Austerity is self-perpetuating, trapping us, stunting our political imagination. 4. We nevertheless do have alternatives… big change is urgent, and bold is exactly what’s needed if we are to meet our challenges and break out of the austerity trap. 5. A new generation of leaders is giving us reason for hope, though clearly there’s no reason for complacency.

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Governing in the dark: Bargain basement citizenship

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Oct. 09, 2012
… in a perfect self-fulfilling prophecy, taxes are cut, the state shrinks and becomes less trustworthy, the services it provides less relevant and increasingly shoddy, and the distrust grows and curdles into cynicism. The result: a marketized politics of propaganda and pandering. It’s understandable then that, increasingly, those who want something better are looking outside of conventional politics: to their communities or global causes or to the streets

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