Social programs beget social peace – opinion/letters – Re: All under attack for the same reason, Opinion Aug. 14
Published On Thu Aug 18 2011.   Ali Orang

Considering the attitude of the ruling political parties in North America and some European countries towards their economy and social programs, Angelo Persichilli is right when he says the ideology of their national governments (the two main political parties) has become as important as the colour of our underwear.

These governments have created huge deficits for the wrong reasons, such as spending on the military, cutting taxes, and bailing out bankrupt corporations. They now want to balance their budget through cutting social programs. No wonder the people are expressing their frustrations through street protests or joining extremist groups.

However, Persichilli gives too much credit to economic globalization and too little to the actions of the national governments. Japan, Germany, and Norway are good examples of countries that are deeply involved in the world economy but they have kept high standard for their social programs. That is why their streets are quiet and we don’t here protests.

Ali Orang, Richmond Hill

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