Laugh at the farcical scandals of John Tory and Doug Ford but the joke’s on the powerless

Wednesday, February 15th, 2023

… for-profit nursing homes had four times as many COVID-19 deaths as city-run homes… Ontario announced funding for new nursing home beds in 2022…  adding 200 new police won’t decrease wait times for police to respond to calls. It doesn’t support the idea that more police equals less crime, either. But data shows reducing poverty can reduce crime… The proposed 2023 budget cuts $4.3 million from jobs and social services. 

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‘What white privilege?’ ‘Why can’t you be more civil?’

Thursday, June 4th, 2020

Denial is essential to keep any supremacist system running for the benefit of some, to the detriment of others. By keeping the public discourse focused at the level of “does racism exist?” denial demands no change, no reflection, no accountability. Denial is complicity. When it comes to anti-oppression, none of us has all the answers; we are all at different points on the continuum of knowledge and experience.

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