Violent, militarized park encampment clearings won’t end homelessness in Toronto. Here’s a human rights approach

Monday, July 26th, 2021

While encampments are not ideal, and are not a permanent solution to the crisis of homelessness, they must not be criminalized or removed until the governments can provide reasonable alternatives. When the City of Toronto cites health and safety concerns as a reason for encampment removal, we must remember that this is the result of a societal failure to provide access to housing, let alone running water, bathrooms, and other basic necessities needed to ensure the right to life — and good health during a pandemic.

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As doctors who work in long-term care homes and serve marginalized populations, we believe it’s well past time to end for-profit long-term care

Wednesday, December 30th, 2020

… the system is designed to protect corporations over human life. The calamity of placing profits over people needs to end… governments of all levels need to work together to bring all long-term care homes under public ownership much like other parts of our Medicare system, including hospitals and physician care… With the immense grief and suffering continuing for people living in long-term care homes today, this must be a priority.

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