The rich cost too much – commentary/letters to the editor
Nov. 23 2012.    Bruce Parsons

Margaret Wente writes of the cost to taxpayers of providing social services for a homeless man in Toronto’s financial district (Can Goldman Sachs Help The Homeless – Nov. 22). I’d like to know what an investment banker costs us. A banker’s “entitlement” program is not the government revenues he might qualify for, it is the legal right to place income offshore. What do the lost taxes on this cost Canadian taxpayers?

Then there’s the irony of a company, such as Goldman Sachs, helping the homeless (for a profit, of course), when so many people lost their homes or are still suffering financial hardship directly or indirectly as a consequence of the greed of the investment business.

It is not the poor we cannot afford – it is the rich, and their entitlement culture.

Bruce Parsons, Portugal Cove, Nfld.

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