Setting the stage for the 2020 Ontario budget

Posted on December 18, 2019 in Governance Policy Context

Source: – Offices/Ontario
December 18, 2019.

…  Richer Than Ever, [is] a five-minute video designed to kickstart a province-wide conversation about Ontario’s next budget. Ontario spends $2,000 per person per year less on public programs than the average of all other provinces, yet few people seem to know that our economy is, overall, more prosperous than ever. Our video and its companion blog post, “Five Things to Know About the Next Ontario Budget,” makes a strong case for more progressive taxation and more public spending on the things that Ontarians need.

Ontarians can expect the government’s talking points to feature prominently in the 2020 Ontario budget. Claims of high spending and unsustainable debt and deficit are being used to excuse cuts to public services. But how many of these claims are true? Watch our new video to find out more.

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