Reducing poverty among minimum wage workers in Ontario: The potential impact of the Canada Working-Age Supplement

Posted on February 16, 2023 in Social Security Policy Context

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16/02/2023.  Mohy Tabbara, Garima Talwar Kapoor

To reduce the deep poverty unattached working-age single adults experience, Maytree and Community Food Centres of Canada have proposed the development of the Canada Working-Age Supplement (CWAS) by enhancing the existing Canada Workers Benefit (CWB) for unattached single adults.

Building on the analysis provided in the full report, this policy brief illustrates the impact of the CWAS on those earning minimum wage in Ontario.

It shows that the introduction of the CWAS would help full-time minimum wage workers pass the Market Basket Measure (MBM), Canada’s Official Poverty Line. For part-time minimum wage workers, the CWAS would help them pass the deep income poverty threshold, measured at 75 percent of the MBM.

Overall, the CWAS would meaningfully reduce the depth of poverty and improve the quality of life of all unattached single adults earning the minimum wage in Ontario.

Download the PDF version of the brief

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