No answers for those without pensions

Posted on August 3, 2011 in Social Security Debates

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Aug 2, 2011.   Paul Moist

Dan Kelly of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business attacks public sector pensions and proposed improvements to the Canada Pension Plan — and offers no constructive solutions for the over 60% of the Canadian workforce that face inadequate retirement income security.

Labour’s proposal to double CCP benefits would ensure adequate income in retirement for all working Canadians and could be phased in gradually at a modest increase in premiums.

CPP premiums are not a payroll tax, and the CFIB’s continued portrayal of them as a tax is disingenuous. These premiums fund a secure pension system that is cost-efficient, well run, and the envy of many countries. Over 70% of Canadians surveyed support our proposed gradual increase to CPP contributions.

As for public sector wages and pensions, the CFIB’s manipulation of Statistics Canada data does not provide details on actual job titles, and is silent on the many areas where the private sector pays more.

The CFIB attack on public sector workers is part of their broader campaign to reduce wages and benefits for all workers. Their positions on these issues are not shared by most Canadians, nor do I suspect by most small businesses.

Paul Moist, national president, Canadian Union of Public Employees, Ottawa

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