Founding of the CWP Advocacy Network

Posted on May 25, 2010 in Inclusion Debates

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Tue, May 25, 2010.   Rob Rainer

Canada Without Poverty / Canada sans pauvreté is pleased to announce the founding of its sister organization, the CWP Advocacy Network / Réseau de revendication CSP.

The CWP Advocacy Network is a new national non-profit but non-charitable organization.  It exists to directly lobby politicians and other public policy makers, at all levels of government in Canada, for policies and legislation that help prevent, alleviate and eliminate poverty in Canada.

“We have founded the CWP Advocacy Network so as to strengthen the call for progressive social policy in Canada,” says Geraldine King, President of Canada Without Poverty. “Canadian charities are considerably restricted by the Income Tax Act and Canada Revenue Agency policy in the amount of advocacy they can do, or what the CRA terms ‘political activity.’  But the reality is, to effectively address poverty in Canada requires substantial policy and legislative change.  That in turn requires an active, vigorous voice on policy and legislation from civil society.  The CWP Advocacy Network will contribute substantially to that voice.”

The CWP Advocacy Network will share the logo, mission, vision, values, code of conduct, office address, staff, email addresses and web site URL of Canada Without Poverty.  It will be governed by a Board of nine directors, up to seven of which can be and have been cross-appointed from the Board of Directors of Canada Without Poverty.

“This cross-appointment of a majority of directors on the Board, as well as other shared aspects, ensures close co-operation between Canada Without Poverty and the Advocacy Network,” says Debbie Frost, President of the Network. “Thus while Canada Without Poverty undertakes activity considered to be ‘charitable’ in nature, the Advocacy Network will lead on activity considered to be ‘political’ in nature.”

“We ask our friends and colleagues across Canada to consider making a first donation to the work of the CWP Advocacy Network,” says Rob Rainer, Executive Director for both organizations. “Initial gifts will support the Network’s emerging advocacy for a federal plan to eliminate poverty and other goals of Dignity for All: The Campaign for a Poverty-free Canada, for passage of critical social justice legislation, and for general capacity to take on new public policy challenges as they arise.”

Individuals and groups wishing to help launch the financial platform for the CWP Advocacy Network are encouraged to print, complete and mail in the attached donation form or to call the CWP Advocacy Network (613-789-0115) to donate by credit card. The option of donating on-line via the forthcoming Network web site (to be linked to the Canada Without Poverty site) will be available later this year.

For more information, see the attached overview on the CWP Advocacy Network and/or contact:

Rob Rainer
Executive Director / Directeur executif                                                   Executive Director / Directeur executif
1210 -1 rue Nicholas Street, 
Ottawa, ON K1N 7B7                                                      
1210 – 1 rue Nicholas Street, Ottawa, ON K1N 7B7
(613) 789-0096 (1-800-810-1076)                                                                                 (613) 789-0115;                                                                       

If you really want to advocate for health, if you really want to make changes to health, you have to start to make fundamental changes to the way society is structured.  You have to deal with issues like poverty.
Dr. Jeffrey Turnbull, 
President-Elect, Canadian Medical Association

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