Home-care agencies seek key role in Doug Ford’s health reforms

Wednesday, November 13th, 2019

… the government’s restructuring of the health system and the creation of the Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) can make it easier for people to be cared for at home and can shift the burden of care away from hospitals when patients truly don’t need to be hospitalized… “Many of the solutions to hospital overcrowding lie outside hospital walls,”

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Long-term decline of a great party

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Aug 10 2011
… the actual Liberal vote has declined in every election but one since 1993… One oft-repeated attribute of this Liberal “brand” is that the party is centrist, moderate and progressive… To be centrist or moderate, some other party must first define what is left and right. This is hardly the basis for bold, visionary leadership. As far as “progressive” goes, it is one of the most broadly used and ill-defined political terms… To create electoral contrast, this became twisted into thinking that every problem could only be solved by a new government program.

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