It’s time to rethink the social contract for our rapidly changing world

Monday, February 17th, 2020

… lifetimes are getting longer but… households are saving ever less to cover their retirement years … in 2017, more than… 41 per cent did not save for retirement; 20 per cent did not save at all; and 12 per cent do not have a six-month savings buffer… the labour market is changing in a way that some are being left behind, income polarization is only growing and it appears that every generation feels they are being denied access to the economic party.

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What if the long-expected boomer retirement boom never happens? The trend is in that direction

Wednesday, July 10th, 2019

… with lifespans now much longer than was the norm a few decades ago, both working and earning incomes for an eventual retirement are no doubt looked at differently than used to be the case. As well, workers with higher levels of education are more apt to be in the labour market as they age, as compared with those with lower levels of education… older workers may find themselves working, but on contracts or in part-time jobs, which may not be their first choice.

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