Sweden bridges ideological divide

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Sep 17 2010
Not even Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, leader of a right-wing coalition that four years ago replaced the habitual governing party, the Social Democrats, is much against the state. He has dropped the old right-wing mantra of calling for lowering taxes and wants to see only “a more efficient and less conformist state and society.”… “we are not asking for a different system, just for better results.” The sense of equality goes deep down in the Swedish psyche, he explains. “The Swedish electorate don’t always look at their wallet. They do want to see other people better off, as well as themselves.”

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Legalizing drugs the only answer

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Aug 11 2010
The truth is that neither China with its millennia of centralized government nor the U.S. with its technological prowess is a match for the drug traders. The tough policies of China, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand who execute minor traffickers have rarely touched the big barons. We either… implement a scorched earth policy — or we legalize opium and other drugs to break the back of the underworld trade. We then deal with addiction by educational and medical means. It is the present and almost universal in-between that is so unsatisfactory and so dangerous.

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