Canada, U.S. move to redraft border treaty to cut flow of asylum seekers

Monday, April 1st, 2019

… those who cross between border stations have the right to make a refugee claim. Canada wants this changed so most people coming from the United States – at any point along the border – can be immediately deported. The idea behind the treaty is that refugees do not face a risk of persecution in the United States, so it is safe for them to apply for asylum there

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Inquest says one agency should oversee Ontario’s mental health services

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

Oct. 08, 2010
The lack of long-term care for Mr. Debassige, coupled with the fact that those assigned to help him didn’t have access to enough information on him, left the troubled man without enough support to get back on his feet… Among the jury’s recommendations, which were directed to the Ministries of Health and Community Safety, were that the province should assess the need for more supportive housing for those with mental illnesses and addictions, fund more psychiatric care in the community and assess the caseloads of probation officers.

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Women at work: still behind on the bottom line

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

Sep. 08, 2010
Canadian women best their male counterparts in high school, college and university, but they fall starkly behind on the bottom line – in their paycheques. And the disparity looks even worse when compared with other developed countries. The findings… are partly the result of women often choosing less lucrative occupations than men – social work, say, as opposed to engineering – as well as entrenched biases in the workplace. Less clear is why… Canada lags in pay equity.

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