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May 5, 2011.   The Canadian Press

Critics say Ontario’s Liberals are getting more secretive, despite their claims of making government more open and transparent.

Liberals on the finance committee used their majority Thursday to exempt hospitals from the freedom of information law, an exemption they had been buried deep in the 2011 provincial budget.

Natalie Mehra of the Ontario Health Coalition, a patient advocacy group, says the Liberals snuck a clause into the budget that had nothing to do with the province’s finances.

Mehra calls it “the hospital secrecy clause” because it’s so broad it amounts to a blanket exemption that will let hospitals hide embarrassing information.

The Tories and NDP blasted the Liberals for hiding a clause in the budget that they said promoted a secretive approach to health care.

The Liberals are also under fire Thursday for a secret deal to give the Ontario Public Service Employees Union an extra one per cent wage hike next year on top of the two per cent increase in their contract.

Last week, former Ontario chief justice Roy McMurtry criticized the Liberals for passing a secret law governing police powers to detain and arrest people during the G20 summit in Toronto.

And the Opposition is still fuming over the Liberals secret $7-billion green energy deal with Korean giant Samsung.

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