Why taxing the rich makes sense

Posted on October 28, 2011 in Equality Debates

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Oct 28, 2011.   Christine Grigorian / Mac Walker (Paul Russell)

As shocking as it may sound, the Occupy protesters do have reasons for what they do. Across Canada, thousands of individuals are standing up for what they believe in, and camping out in support of economic equality. They are sacrificing the luxuries of their homes to create change. Every time I pass by the Vancouver Art Gallery, I can’t help but be proud and impressed by the little tents packed tightly together in front of the public building. These people should be honoured, appreciated, and most importantly heard, not simply disregarded as being a nuisance or a hindrance to society. Instead of trying to get rid of protesters, municipalities across the Canada should listen for once, and compromise with their citizens.
We may be a country known for our freedom of speech and thought, but we surely are not one in which these words and actions are truthfully heard
Christine Grigorian, Grade 12 student, Vancouver.

Re: Topp’s Tax-The-Rich Plan Won’t Work, editorial, Oct. 25.
The rich are not those making $130,000 — that’s upper-middle class. The rich are thosemaking over $200,000. Our progressive tax formula should be revamped to increase the tax rate for the rich and and even more for the super-rich.
And inheritance taxes should limit gifts to beneficiaries to a million or two.
Fairness requires that the rich pay more taxes. Modern thinking has taught us that people are not responsible for their circumstances: it’s not poor peoples’ fault that they are poor, just as many of the rich are just lucky.
Keep capitalism, but income inequality must be addressed — fairness requires it. Poverty can be eliminated; small-government egalitarianism provides the solution.
Mac Walker, Edmonton.

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