University tuition fees rise again: StatsCan

Posted on September 16, 2011 in Education Policy Context

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Sep 16, 2011.  By Derek Abma, Postmedia News

University tuition fees in Canada rose again this school year by a margin that easily exceeds the rate of inflation, new data showed Friday.

Statistics Canada said the average annual tuition fee for undergraduate students is $5,366 for the new 2011-12 school year, up 4.3% from last year. That follows a 4% in tuition for the 2010-11 school year.

The federal agency pointed out that the annual rate of inflation was running at 2.7% in July.

“Tuition fees rose in all but one province, Newfoundland and Labrador, where they have been frozen since 2003-04,” Statistics Canada said in a statement.

In other provinces, the hikes ranged from 5.1% in Ontario and 1.4% in Manitoba.

Not only did Ontario see the biggest year-to-year rise in tuition fees, it also had the most expensive overall cost at $6,640 for undergraduates. Perhaps not surprisingly, post-secondary tuition has emerged as an issue in the current election campaign in Ontario.

Quebec is the cheapest province to attend university as an undergraduate this year with average tuition of $2,519, even after a 4.5% rise from last year.

By faculty, the highest average undergraduate tuition cost is dentistry at $16,024, up 6.4% from last year.

That’s followed by medicine at $11,345, up 4.4% from a year before, and pharmacy at $9,806, up 8.8%. Pharmacy studies saw the highest annual tuition hikes among all undergraduate programs in Canada.

The average tuition for graduate programs is $5,599, up 3.7% from a year earlier. Besides frozen rates in Newfoundland, the gains ranged from 5.5% in Ontario to 0.1% in Alberta.

Ontario has the most expensive graduate programs with an average tuition of $7,578 and Newfoundland has the lowest at $2,456.

The most expensive graduate program is for an executive master of business administration, where the average tuition is $37,501, up 1.3% from last year. Law programs saw the biggest increases among graduate studies, up 20.7% to an average of $5,414 a year.

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