Universal basic income revival.

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July 18, 2018.   Michael Clague / Hugh Jenney

Annie Lowrey’s Opinion column was a good overview of universal basic income or UBI (Smart Money: Why The World Should Embrace Universal Basic Income, July 14).

Unmentioned, and worth remembering, former senator David Croll pioneered the first study and report in Canada on UBI, then called a guaranteed annual income: Poverty in Canada – A report of the Special Senate Committee (1971).

Mr. Croll held public hearings across the country and commissioned the seminal research, which formed the basis for many subsequent studies and experiments. Its failure to be adopted was attributed to an economic downturn in the late 1970s and insufficient support by provincial governments. It is encouraging to observe that the idea is enjoying a revival.

Michael Clague, Vancouver


Ms. Lowrey’s long look at both the benefits and drawbacks of ending poverty with a universal basic income fell short by underselling its cost effectiveness. Right now, there are more than 100 welfare agencies that could be consolidated into just one.

Millions could be saved by having a universal basic income, as has already been proven from other experiments using UBI.

Hugh Jenney, Kingston



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