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Published Thursday, Jan. 05, 2012.   Robby Smink, Kimble Sutherland, Ian Craine

There is no justification for anyone running a hospital to be paid two or three times more than Ontario’s Premier or even the Prime Minister (Hospitals Scrapping Executive Perks – Jan. 4). We need a law that limits public-sector salaries to those of the Premier ($200,000-plus)/Prime Minister ($300,000-plus), with the justification that everyone else’s job simply can’t be more rigorous than that of the top dog.

Even at those lowered salaries, competent people would be lining up to apply. And when their over-the-top pensions kick in, taxpayers can keep paying them for many more years.

Robby Smink, St. Marys, Ont.


It would have been interesting to present the article about what Ontario hospital CEOs are paid alongside an article about compensation for the 100 highest-paid CEOs. Those CEOs (of publicly traded companies) made, on average, 189 times the average Canadian full-time wage in 2010 (By Noon Today, The Superrich Have Made An Average Worker’s Yearly Salary – online, Jan. 2). You mention car allowances for hospital CEOs. Where’s the information on perks for the private-sector CEOs?

Kimble Sutherland, Ingersoll, Ont.


Todd Hirsch argues that poverty and hardship can be a good thing because it drives innovation in the unemployed (Pizza Delivers Innovation – Jan. 3). Canada’s CEOs are often criticized for their lack of innovation, which is keeping our national productivity so low. If Mr. Hirsch is right, then a massive cut to CEOs’ pay seems like a logical solution to our productivity problem.

Ian Craine, Toronto

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