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Posted on January 28, 2012 in Social Security Debates

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Published Saturday, Jan. 28, 2012.    Millicent Jacobson, Mike Hutton, Franceska Gnarowski

Money for fighter jets? Check. Money for more prisons? Check. Money for MP pensions? Check. Money for gazebos? Check. Money for seniors? Not so fast … (Harper’s Grand Plan – Jan. 27).

Millicent Jacobson, Calgary


World leaders in government and politics arrived in Davos recognizing the crisis in the international economic and financial system and the urgent need to develop a new paradigm or model for capitalism. In this setting, our Prime Minister touted as his own Canadian economic and financial successes for which previous governments were largely responsible and offered the same nostrums – lower taxes, cuts to social programs, minimal-restriction resource exploitation, more deregulation of the private sector – which were largely responsible for the crisis in the first place.

It was not a “grand vision,” it was the vision of a man who, like the Bourbons, has forgotten nothing and learned nothing.

Mike Hutton, Ottawa


By waiting until he is abroad to make controversial policy announcements that will affect thousands of Canadians our Prime Minister may be limiting the blowback in the House and in the press, but I doubt he will avoid it in the next election.

Franceska Gnarowski, Low, Que.

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