Omnibus II: PM’s hidden agenda becomes clear

Posted on October 28, 2012 in Governance Debates

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October 27, 2012.   M. Schooff

It’s futile to think that Stephen Harper might notice opposition to his omnibus bill and change his ways. At the beginning of his reign we were right to fear a hidden agenda but now we seem to have forgotten that he might have one.

He played it safe in the beginning, before his majority, by lulling people into thinking that Conservatives weren’t as bad as everyone feared they might be.

Once he had his majority the work on his real agenda of massive changes began with great secrecy. First he had to silence the critics but now the omnibus bill ensures that however unpopular those implemented changes will be, they would prevail.

If anyone is still surprised, they haven’t been reading Harper too clearly. His agenda is to take us right back to small government with few of the benefits and services in place to catch those who most need help.

Basically we’ll be on our own. He knows this will be against what most Canadians stand for and that this route is unpalatable to most of us, hence the secrecy.

After Canada went through the Great Depression, the government of Canada put in place safety nets, making sure that all Canadians would have all the same chances for education, health and wealth that the upper crust has and that the deprivations suffered by Canadians during that time would never be repeated. That means bigger government but it also means a more stable economy and tax base.

The business world was eager to help out toward this goal seeing it as mutually beneficial. But as the years went by they resented their fair contributions towards a balanced society. It became more popular to have offshore companies that could take the profits out of the country and run, giving little if any back.

Harper would like us to return to this era of robber barons, street urchins, poor people who can’t afford health care and higher education available for the rich only.

If you can’t see where Harper’s Conservatives are taking us then you are being willfully blind.

M. Schooff, Brampton

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