Low federal taxes are a burden

Posted on January 25, 2014 in Governance Debates

VancouverSun.com – News – Re: Federal tax burden at 50-year low under Tories, Letters, Jan. 22
January 25, 2014.   By Rosa Apperley

Re: Federal tax burden at 50-year low under Tories, Letters, Jan. 22

Andrew Saxton certainly has a lot to crow about. He is so proud of his government reducing taxes for all Canadians. Let’s take a very brief look at the other things he may be proud of: military families in poverty; disabled vets needing to use the courts to receive adequate funds to live because they are unable to work, others committing suicide; aboriginal communities lacking drinkable water and decent funding for schools. Unfortunately there are many more examples of what their 50-year low in tax revenue means, especially to civic and provincial governments that now bear many of the costs. Someone has to pay and shuffling it around doesn’t mean it disappears, it just means we will have to pay later.

Rosa Apperley, Vancouver

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