Hunger a real concern for too many Canadians

Posted on July 28, 2011 in Social Security Debates

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July 26, 2011.   By John Chambers, Qmi Agency

Imagine a long, painful ache in your stomach; a constant feeling of weakness that no amount of wishing will help alleviate.

Now imagine that your children suffer those symptoms and the cure is something as simple as a healthy meal.

Too many Canadians don’t need to imagine; they suffer through days of hunger and sickness, wanting nothing more than to be able to put food on the table and provide for their kids.

In fact, more than five million Canadians currently live in poverty. Of those, one million are children.

It’s easy to forget a problem exists. After all, it’s summer and people are in their backyards barbecuing; maybe you had a nice steak last night, chicken, ribs, hamburgers or hot dogs.

In campgrounds across the country families are cooking over open fires, and in communities patios and restaurants are full as people gather to enjoy the weather and the best selections from the menus.

But not everyone can do that. This summer, not everyone will do that. And that needs to change.

Hunger and poverty are not winter problems. They aren’t Thanksgiving and Christmas problems.

Yet Canadians are more inclined to dig into their pockets and help the needy at holiday and festive times of the year. Perhaps that’s for no other reason than it helps push some of the guilt to the background.

Poverty and hunger happen every day in a country that from a global standpoint is as fruitful as they come.

As Canadians, we are blessed with an abundance of agriculture, fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy and grain. Canada is the poster country for the four food groups. Still, more than five million Canadians find themselves standing on the outside and looking in at this country’s bountiful harvest and offerings.

The warm summer weather does not negate the need to give, and to give generously. Food banks across Canada are struggling to meet the needs of our neighbours.

It’s easy to ignore the problem. It’s just as easy to be part of the solution. A few extra canned goods in the shopping cart, a few extra staples, and we can help alleviate hunger in Canada.

Don’t let hunger be someone else’s problem. We are better than that. We should all be better than that. And together, we can be better than that.

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  1. Paul says:


    You have NO idea what it is like to go hungry. I am starving right now.

    Have you ever starved and had no food for days or weeks. I cant get work here in Hamilton.


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