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Posted on July 17, 2010 in Governance Debates

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ccpanews.ca – National Update – G20 austerity measures repeat mistakes of 1930s
July 16, 2010.   Bruce Campbell, Executive Director, CCPA

The federal government refuses to yield on its decision to end mandatory census long-form data collection, despite an unprecedented Canada-wide backlash that includes doctors, religious groups, academics, city planners and economists.

The CCPA’s Senior Economist Armine Yalnizyan has been amongst those leading the call for a reversal of the new long-form policy. Her criticism began two weeks ago with an open letter to the Honourable Tony Clement, Ministry of Industry and Minister Responsible for Statistics Canada and Munir Sheikh, Chief Statistician, Statistics Canada.  Click here to read it.
Armine has continued her critique in a series of blog posts and a CBC radio appearance, all listed here:
Make sure to check our website reuglarly for the latest on this debacle.
Also, in the wake of the G20 and the agreement by its leaders to cut deficts in half by 2013, I write in a recent editorial that the austerity measures required to do so are a mistake. The Harper fiscal austerity plan repeats mistakes of the 1930s by cutting government programs before the recovery is complete.  Click here to read the full commentary.
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