It’s time to abolish tipping once and for all

Wednesday, April 28th, 2021

“The removal of tipping cannot happen in most restaurants, on their own, in the current marketplace, where all their competition practises tipping… the only way to really get rid of tipping is through government policy. So it’s an even playing field for everybody….” Now, in a largely cashless environment with drastically reduced gross sales, it’s servers who stand to immediately benefit from being paid a wage rather than relying on tips.

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A poor excuse for a food allowance

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Apr 01 2010
“If the government is going to provide support for people who are not able to earn a living,” McKeown says, “they should provide support at a level that will allow for dignity and decent health.” Starting April 5, he plans to participate in the Do the Math campaign, along with Torontonians such as author Naomi Klein, councillor Joe Mihevc and singer Damian Abraham. “I think this experience will help me understand this on a personal level and make me a more effective advocate,” McKeown says.

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