Approaching the tipping point [corporate interests] – opinion/letters – Re: More unequal, less complacent, Editorial Dec. 11
Published On Mon Dec 12 2011.    Jim Gower

Governments in the “Western” world need to wake up and start working with corporations and labour to create general prosperity. Corporations that send jobs to countries with cheaper labour not only undermine their own workers but also themselves. As the “corporate” world eliminates decent wages in their countries of origin, they also eliminate potential customers of their own products.

Henry Ford Sr. understood this basic truth. Todays corporate bean counters don’t seem to understand you need to pay a decent wage so that you have a public that can buy your product. Governments at both the provincial and federal levels need to tie corporate taxes to job creation.

Only the NDP seem to have clued into this simple idea. Maybe Dalton McGuinty and Stephen Harper should pay attention. Somebody, whether from the private or public sector, needs to create jobs with real wages or else we will continue to face increasing inequalities, which in time will lead to civil unrest and eventually revolution as the disadvantaged reach the tipping point.

Jim Gower, Courtice

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