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April 20, 2010.

Focus on Food & Income (April 13-15, 2010)

Several events on April 13, 14 and 15 in Toronto focused attention on the issue of the inadequate access of people on social assistance to healthy food.

Surviving on Peanut Butter and Tuna

More than 350 people attended The Stop Community Food Centre’s Community Town Hall at the Artscape Wychwood Barns on Tuesday evening, April 13. Ten local celebrities reported on the results of their attempts to live on one week’s supply of food bank provisions.

None could make the food hamper they were given last through the week and several used community dining services provided by churches and charities to make it through the week.

All agreed that it was an eye-opening experience and acknowledged that they had the luxury to return to their normal eating practices, while people on social assistance certainly did not.

Video Overview of April 13 Event

PFIB Campaign – Organizing for Impact

Eighty local leaders from communities across Ontario stretching from Sudbury to Hamilton and Cornwall to Windsor came together in Toronto on Wednesday, April 14 to share experiences and plan further action on the Put Food in the Budget (PFIB) campaign.

Overview of PFIB Campaign Event — April 14, 2010

The latest update on Do the Math Team visits to local MPPs was released [Full Report; Summary Report] – 40 MPPs have now been met and half have actually done the survey. Several Do the Math Team members reported on their particular experiences with their MPPs (see videos below).

Four workshops were held to share different actions and tactics to use in continuing the cross-community PFIB campaign. All remain committed to advocating for the introduction of the $100 a month Healthy Food Supplement for all adults on social assistance and longer-term adequacy in social assistance rates.

“Tom Cherry”

If I had a 100 dollars…

Nick Saul from The Stop

Nadia Edwards

Danielle Yahalnitsky

Susan Bender

Bronwyn Underhill

Rene Adams

OCAP Protests the Special Diet Cut

The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty held a march and rally in Toronto on Thursday, April 15 to protest the cut to the Special Diet Allowance that will severely affect about 170,000 people on social assistance.

Several hundred marchers expressed their anger and disdain for the Ontario Government’s inhumane action in the recent budget against Ontario’s most vulnerable people.

Video Overview of OCAP Event — April 15, 2010

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