To say minimum wage hike kills jobs is fear mongering – opinion/letters
February 13, 2011.    By Jim Sinclair, The Province

Surely the Canadian Federation of Independent Business has more important work to do than defend the lowest of low-wage employers.

Their suggestion that a minimum-wage increase will lead to the loss of thousands of jobs is simple fear mongering. Minimumwage increases in other provinces have not led to job losses but rather have led to lower rates of poverty and higher productivity.

Despite having the lowest minimum wage in Canada, B.C. has led the country in job losses in the last three months because, outside of a low-wage strategy and cutting taxes, the B.C. Liberals have little else in terms of an economic strategy.

An overwhelming majority (80 per cent) of British Columbians support increasing B.C.’s minimum wage to $10 now. They don’t buy into the low-wage economic strategy the CFIB appears to support. Neither do many business owners.

A survey released by the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce found 85 per cent of its members actually support increasing the minimum wage and 56 per cent say the minimum wage should be at least $10 an hour.

Even some B.C. Liberals now admit it was wrong to freeze the minimum wage for 10 years.

Jim Sinclair, president, B.C. Federation of Labour

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