Public schools need public funds

Posted on August 24, 2009 in Education Debates – Opinion/Letter – Public schools need public funds
August 24, 2009.

Re:Private schools get public funds, Aug. 21

Public schools in my community have rough, patchy, pitted playing fields, pitiful landscaping, and windows, walls and washrooms in need of repair, upgrade or replacement. Yet Ontario has begun designating public funds to fix up private schools. Premier Dalton McGuinty, this is disappointing.

Diverting public money to private schools is a bad idea to begin with, but when so many public schools are in poor shape, it’s unfair and it mocks the values the Premier himself espoused in 2007 when he commented, “Funnelling money to private schools would be especially bad for education outside big cities.” Why not earn votes and community support by using public money to improve public institutions and public property?

Eugene Spanier, Toronto

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