Drummond Commission report: countering cutbacks in Ontario

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February 17, 2012.   Editor

In the wake of the Drummond report on reforming Ontario’s public services—which includes 362 recommended reforms to balance the books by 2018—CCPA Research Associates share their analyses:

– In Debunking Drummond, Erin Weir writes about how more realistic revenue projections and policies to bolster revenue would reduce the pressure for austerity.

– In Drummond, Deconstructed, Karen Foster questions the gospel according to Drummond—and asks if the report is really our best and only option.

– Erin Weir posts a response to The Harvard International Review’s interview with Don Drummond: Drummond Misdiagnoses Ontario’s Economy.

– Erin Weir questions the assumption underlying the Drummond Commission’s gloomy fiscal picture in his blog post, Deflating Drummond.

– In Drummond: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Erin Weir breaks down the Drummond report and shares his advice on how the Ontario government can (and should) move forward.

– Jim Stanford gives us ten macroeconomic factoids to keep in mind as we counter the overarching claim that Ontario just can’t afford our already-stretched network of public services:
   Ten Points on Recession, Deficits, and Austerity in Ontario.

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